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Seeking for a Guild in EU PvE Server

anemisanemis Member Posts: 39

Hey every1
Yes I know this game gonna cost me a lot of cash but I believe it is a nice game and deserves some Money to entertain me… imageWell, I spent more for worst than it is my choose to play it anyway.. image

BUT It would be grate to play it with some nice friends. image That is a MMO game afterall =) So I decide to join a guild than here we are ;)

Well.. I have a recent player for FW but I am a hardcore endgame player. I believe, If I find a guild and some nice friends I will play this game for a long time.  But I must tell that I am a civil engineer in Turkey and working full time. That means I can only be online at nights. BUT EveryNights image

I started the game yesterday on EU PvE server and I am only lvl 22 right now. I am a human mage.(Dont know but probably I will be a lighting mage) Dont underestimate my low lvl cause my MMORPG history is quite huge ;)

Well, thats all for now. I wonder If any group or guild welcome me right now.
Hope to see you all in the game..



  • anemisanemis Member Posts: 39
    I am lvl 34 atm and still searching for a guild image


  • UnitAkiraUnitAkira Member UncommonPosts: 25

    Hi im not to sure that u are on the same server as me but you are welcome to try the lionheart server its a U.S server and join up with us and see if you like it or not :)

    just find anyone from Seraphic guild and they will help you out just tell them Unit send you :)

  • anemisanemis Member Posts: 39
    Thanks so much.. I found a nice guild  =) BTW, I am not in US server. It is EU one


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