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FaethorVonFaethorVon Member Posts: 5

Might have been blessed tonight!

I've had a pair of over-the-ear el-cheapo headset for years, and itching to replace them.

Well, apparently they've been stepped on, because one speaker is hanging off like c3po's eye being picked out by jabbas minion!

I was all set to buy a Turtle Beach Z6a - dual sound controls, quick release, surround sound...ahhhhhhh.

But 33% of the reviews on Amazon are 1 star brutal - basically they're built crappy.

Help!  I need a head set, and need suggestions!  Is the TB actually good, or are their better (and cheaper!) alternatives that sound great?

Thanks guys!



  • Mako89Mako89 Member Posts: 23

    Whats your budget? If  your budget is around 70 buck then you can check out:

    Cooler Master Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset - 70$

    Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset - 72-77$

    but if you're willing to spend close to 100 buck then you can check out CM storm sirus ( 97$) or Logitech G35 (95$).

  • FaethorVonFaethorVon Member Posts: 5

    Well, I was prepared to spend about $100 on the TB headphones, so I guess that's my budget!

    Any one of those you mentioned really a stand-out?


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