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This game had a great start, showed potential, now players have moved on.

EmoqqboyEmoqqboy Member UncommonPosts: 194
After a couple of character wipes, i'm figuring players have decided to wait for the launch. You can hardly even get 1 game going in ALPHA currently, its a ghost town literally, there's noone to even flame or troll in general chat. Better consider releasing this game live soon TRION before you lose your small audience to start off with.

<QQ moar plz. kkthxbai.>


  • redman875redman875 Member Posts: 230

    IMO i think people expected a base building RTS in a persistant world.

    This game seems like a blend of C&C4 and LOL.  

    Doesnt seem ever interesting since C&C4 basically was the nails in the coffin for me for RTS game...was a horrible and shallow game.


    Maybe theres still time to make some small changes and make this game more a MMORPGFPS rather than a MOBARTS?

  • ArcheAgeFanArcheAgeFan Member Posts: 46
    To be honest if I want to Palau a arts game I d rather play statecraft 2. It's the best arts game in the world. It's their fault for trying to compete against statecraft 2. If you look at arts gaming history statecraft has never beaten by other arts games. Trying to compete against school2 is like futile.
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