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Standard P2P MMO

ParchmentParchment Member Posts: 24

Hey everyone,

I've been playing MMOs for around eight years now. Lately, I've been trying  to find a new MMORPG to invest some time in, but I can't seem to stick around in any for more than a few months.

I kind of went on a sandboxish MMO binge, playing everything from Mortal Online and Darkfall Online to Wurm Online and ATITD. I even tried a few MUDS that offered a sandbox environment (which were fun), but I will admit that I do miss the graphics. It was fun, but I am missing the raids and quests!

What I'm looking for now is a 'themepark' game, I guess you could say. The most recent MMOs I have bought were Rift, TERA, and TSW, though none of them really held my attention. I have been resisting the urge to go back to WoW, and I've been reading a lot about Guild Wars 2, but  I digress ...

Before I go and make any purchases, I was wondering if any one you had any suggestions for a 'fantasy themepark MMO' that is fun, has a decent community, and one that is actually updated with content on a normal basis.

The games I played the longest were FFXI, the original Guild Wars, Roma Victor, and  World of Warcraft. After that, no game has seemed to 'click.'

One does not simply telnet into Mordor.

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