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Why ru server so different from eu and us?

hohotunhohotun Member Posts: 1
Hi, i played some time on different servers to find something interesting in rom and i found, ru servers have many difference from eu and us, original whole llist is there, they wrote it all was done in 2012 year and don't contain list of made features yet, but here is translation of things i really didn't found on eu/us:


1. in fairytail festival 3 brothers don't change their position to prevent bug and missing these npc
2. due many complains for bots on miller's runch - golden egg removed from drop in quest and added in selling for honor points
3. fixed library in guild castle, now it count right players using it
4. bisabled potion for jumps from housemaids due many problems/cheats with it and total useless
5. added pet grow potion for 2k honor points in miller's runch
6. fixed goblin mini-games, players can't run it unlimit times anymore
7. added auto restor of effects from IM potions if they miss due random bug
8. banned many players used fly hack (p.s. there was really thread with 600+ character names...)
9. Megaphone for phirius tokens now usable only from lvl 50 for preventing spam of different bad sites
10. fixed 2 world bosses in Tergothen bay to prevent their unlimit spawn
11. added auto-unlock of npc after 15 minutes after blocking their speak functions
12. added 30 second PK protection after entering zone on PvP server to prevent killing while player on load screen

SW fixes/features

1. gates take damage only from sw machines
2. sw machines become stronger (p.s. i could hit people for 50k with first ram, other does even more and they have 2-4kk hp :D)
3. added banner to buy simple ram if armory miss
4. from begin all castle buildings (except towers) are immun to damage until first gate broken
5. gate repair points stay always to prevent their bug with spawn, gates aren't repeirably untill broken
6. restricted building gates for unlimit range after opening repair dialog
7. sw machines can be summoned near any ally captured crystall
8. scroll magic and mass damage of guards don't hit gates anymore
9. added blocks for all castle balcons to prevent entering castle with them
10. upgrades from field, forge and Lumber Yard now saves even after maintaince, due that upgrade cost was rised from 500 to 2000
11. removed damage dealt by Face of Treachery to prevent gates kiling
12. removed electro tower upgrade with mass damage to prevent npc killin (such as crystals, gate build points and so on)

They didn't wrote whole features, but i can tell those i saw:

1. premium accounts, it cost ~170 dia month and give: 7 buffs (for example 10% damage, 10% attack/cast speed, 35% run/ride speed...), all backpack pages, double drop in dungeons (for example, if boss drom 100% item, you'll get second, like for killing 2 bosses, so ancient gits always drop twice more :D) only if whole party have premium accounts or half of them are in premium gulds (to get it for guild, its 30% members should get premium accounts)
2. there was fixed hourse race event with ratings and nice gifts, all had same speed during it
3. potion for upgrade pet stats (come this week)
4. potion to reset housemaid fatigue (come this week)
5. yastra castle siege - pvp event (come this week)
6. flying ships
7. flying island where you could go only with flying ship

6 and 7 seems still in develop

If you wanna try ru differences with ue/us localisation - register here , download client here and install it, then just replace data.fdb and interface.fdb in ru client with eu/us (same or better version, because ru always have less version number then eu/us)

[B]So i have only 1 question - why eu/us miss it? When i asked it on eu forum their moderators told "because"...[/B]


  • sirlothsirloth Member Posts: 2

    hi, found fun site with translations and information about many different features available on russian server, try ask there how, maybe they know some of their secrets :D

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