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Quality power supply for $11 after rebate

QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 22,135


It's normally $60, but New Egg has a 15% off promo code going that brings it to $51.  And then Antec is offering a $40 mail-in rebate, which makes it $11 after rebate.  For your convenience, the rebate form is here:


Normally if you can find a power supply for $11 at all, it will be one that threatens smoke and sparks if you try to pull 200 W from it.

This is only a 400 W power supply, so it's not approriate to higher end gaming systems.  But normally, you'd expect to pay $40-$50 for a decent 400 W power supply.  If you've got a middling to low end gaming rig and don't know what power supply you have, then you might want to check.  This would probably be a huge upgrade for you.

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