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Newbie’s Journal: Evolving WYD

KyuubeyKyuubey Member Posts: 69

This is a diary of a newbie WYD player. In this new feature, he shares his adventures, joys and pains in the world of Khersuph.

I’ve mentioned before that there really was a WYD World Championship initiated years ago and while those days have already gone by, it doesn’t hurt to revisit the rich history of WYD as a whole. In fact, I’ve grown to appreciate the growth that WYD Global has gone through by watching these clips. It really does show how WYD Global became the truly global game it is today. Back then, WYD had a lot of servers and while it was fun, I believe that a truly global game that encapsulates the entire span of the world is much more intriguing and exciting.

Where does the World War come into play? Well, it’s basically the first glimpse of what was to come in the following years. It opened up opportunities yet to be realized back then which we are enjoying now in WYD.

The video above shows a battle between what used to be WYD Global and WYD Philippines. It might seem like a surprising thing now since the Philippines actually has a lot of WYD Global players but it does show how much the game has progressed over the years. Regardless of which side won, it just proves how WYD is such a global game for all people of different origins. When a game can bring together people of different backgrounds and provide the same level of excitement for everyone, then in my opinion, that game is really special, unique and most importantly, long lasting.

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