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Afterworld vs Fallen Earth

They are both Post-Apocalyptic MMO's but which one do you think is better?


  • NitthNitth Member UncommonPosts: 3,904

    Originally posted by wungun
    They are both Post-Apocalyptic MMO's but which one do you think is better?

    Never even heard of afterworld....

    *looks for information*

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  • redman875redman875 Member Posts: 230

    Afterwrold is a game like entroptia universe.  Fallen earth is like your standard mmorpg.


    For those who dont know what entropia, or games like entropia are like here is a rundown:

    These games are sandbox but hardcore beyond what you would think.  They are all "free" to play however...all money in game is created by player paying real money.  Its the ONLY way money in the game exists.

    Every single item in game cost money, and gets used up fairly quick.  Free players can basically do redundant tasks for months to ear some form of money so they can progress, however progression is based on using gear and items that all cost money.

    The flip side of this is that getting good loot could potentially net you some serious cash.

    Entropia...some of the best gear costs thens-hundreds of thousands of joke.  I know they have a type of credit card where you can withdraw in game currency as potentially you can make some serious money.

    From what ive heard new players need to devote insane amounts of time doing mundane tasks for months and years before they can even turn a profit...basically it takes years of hardcore play before you start making more ingame money than you spend playing.  Some people will pay thousands of dollars to jump ahead, but even then its very difficult to make a profit in game (and potentially out of game)

    If you have some serious cash to burn, or dont mind spending a few hundred dollars a week, these games can be fun and potentially profitable years down the road.  Im not sure how close Afterworld fits entropia's model but i do know its simialir in mechanics.


    If your looking for a free game that you can play stick to fallen earth.  If you dont mind spending $25 on a pick axe to mine $12 worth of goods in 15min before the pick breaks then a game like afterworld/entropia is for you.


    Oh and if your wonder what group play is like in these games consider what would happen to a group of serious in game friends when a $30,000 item appears in one of their bags...want to guess how much longer everyone will be friends and grouping up?



    *disclaimer* may have gotten a few bits of information off on the entropia model, i dont play it but know people who do and who have tried to sell me on it...i dont like the idea of afk "sweating" for months or forking over a few grand so i can play with them.

  • atuerstaratuerstar Member Posts: 234

    I think Fallen Earth is better.


    Had a good year plus of fun there due to graphics, gameplay, atmosphere and crafting. I lost interest around the 3rd time they revamped the entire combat system...they just did not seem to know what they wanted to do with it as far as pvp was concerned.

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