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Hell’s Diaries: The Wild and the Dessicator

KyuubeyKyuubey Member Posts: 69

Hell’s Diaries is a new feature blog on the world of Hellgate and the everyday random encounters our team faces in and out of the game. Outstanding player achievements and other things that may be of interest to most will be posted here on a regular basis (or at least when the Hellgate team isn’t feeling the blues)

One of the new stages that players will encounter in the end game is Stonehenge. Yup. That monolith of stone is actually part of the game as a station. You can do all sorts of stuff there that you normally do in a place like Greenwich. More importantly though, it’s the center of  many warp holes leading to new stages you can explore. One of these stages is called “The Wild.”

As its name suggests, “The Wild” is basically a wilderness or a forest of sorts. It probably takes its origins from Jurassic Park or something since it’s very similar in how it looks and plays. Much like the dino park, it plays hosts to a bevy of demons, most of which are very animalistic in nature. Leading this new hive of diabolic incarnations is the Dessicator.



If you’ve played the Cow Room already and have seen Imhotep, the Dessicator is quite similar in the fact that it looks like a mummy and it spawns minions to protect it. In fact, I’d liken the Dessicator to a serial killer that looks like a dwarf. It doesn’t look like it has a well defined face though. Anyways, it’s a rare monster some say but I’ve fought against it a bit already so it might not be that uncommon if you scour “The Wild” enough. As with all bosses, it takes quite a while to beat but the rewards of course make the effort so worthwhile.

So, are you ready to venture into the unknown and meet the Dessicator?

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