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So I tried Salem, its addictive, but....

HodoHodo Member Posts: 542

I played Salem this weekend, gave it a good 12 hours of gameplay time.   I found that it is really lacking in some areas that need to be fixed before release.  


The server lag on occassions was bad, but thats to be expected with debugging software running. 

The issues I ran into was the lack of a decent tutorial.   It took almost 2 hours to figure out how to craft something without going to the SALEMWIKI.   And even thats not exactly correct.  

The combat system is clunky and omg rough.   

Then the random homestead port into the wilderness without anyway to mark where you live on your minimap so you can sort of have an idea where you call home is rediculous.    I moved away from my homestead and was completely lost in a matter of minutes.   All the landmarks look the same, the minimap cant be scaled and there is no in game map, and again the SALEMWIKI map is well difficult to understand.


Its not a bad game its just rough, REAL rough.   All these people worried about open PvP, well that requires a PvPer to get the talent that lets him do it, you cant just attack people right now.  

So much crap, so little quality.


  • SysFailSysFail Member Posts: 375

    About your homestead and getting lost. What i did was get the required skills to make a new leanto and then ventured out from Boston using the map in the link below as a guide. 

    Once i'd found a decent place to live i dropped the leanto on a peice terrain that looks unique on the mini map and slowly but surely i've been getting to know the terrain around my camp, moving further away each time to get to know the area. I can now explore a long way from my camp with confidence of not getting lost.

    Hope it helps. :)

  • DovaDova Member Posts: 13

    Dont you guys ever use your map? Your map is always oriented north. (at lest in the enders client) Its impossiable to get lost as long as your paying attieion to your map.


    It took me about 5mins to learn how to craft. except for learning how to use the fire crafting that was a little tricky with no directions. just right click on fire then hit craft on whatever you want to cook.

  • HodoHodo Member Posts: 542

    The map always points north, thats nice to know, but it is zoomed in so close that I would have to run into something to figure out where it is.   Let alone no earthly idea where Boston is from an homestead, vice versa.     Unless I held down one direction for thirty minutes and turned 180 and did the same I would easily get lost relying on that near useless minimap.   And the game map that is on the wiki, is uh, extremely hard to use without a legend or any useful landmarks clearly laid out so you can find them.  


    Unless you ask someone in the very small local chat area.  


    Now I am not saying that Salem is a bad game, far from it, it just needs to smooth somethings out or iron them out before it releases.   Its has some great features and is really low end on the graphics so its no stress on anything.   And I am sure if I really tried I am sure I could run it on my Kindle Fire, which wouldnt be bad. 

    So much crap, so little quality.

  • nastyjmannastyjman Member Posts: 161

    At first, getting lost really sucked. To reorient myself, I would consume everything I picked up along the way, drop the stuff I don't need, and port back to my homestead or Boston. But as you play more and explore, you will begin to memorize the area.

    And the game does try to make you lost. Notice how the camera starts to tilt around when you walk to a different direction? The only way to keep you from getting lost is to utilize the map and know which direction you're going to.

    I say this game is amazing, but the occasional Tinder Drill breaking makes me rage.

  • matcatmatcat Member UncommonPosts: 136

    Hodo, are you using one of the custom clients?  There are 2 I believe with some mini map optimizations.  Doesn't look you you can set points on the map though, not sure why as I'd assume it's possible, though I'm not sure if there are xyz coords given somewhere.  I'm not playing the game, it's not to my tastes, but take a look at the 2 custom clients.


    Just so you don't have to search etc, you can find the custom clients at this link.

  • DovaDova Member Posts: 13

    Download the enders Client, you can find a link some were on fourms. Under options go to camera and select free-form camera. This will allow you to zoom camera and tilte/or angle the camera how every ou want with mouse wheel.

    Radar map, hover map over it spin mouse weel to zoom in and out.

  • SpiiderSpiider Member RarePosts: 824

    Its rough. But this is what I find very nice.

    I started placing my landmarks all around where I live, like fires, signs etc. Marking my territory is very handy. Maybe you should try it too.

    No fate but what we make, so make me a ham sandwich please.

  • LaraiLarai Member UncommonPosts: 8

    I enjoy the game. When I first started I wandered out and found the edge of Boston. Before then things you could study were picked clean. Found a bunch of stuff and got some skills up. As I was heading back a player in a spanish helm with a saber spotted me and started to move to me. Knowing there was PvP in this game I acted on instincts and quickly changed course back to Boston. Lucky me I was only a few tiles away at the time. After I crossed the safe border the player informs me I should be careful about leaving Boston or i'd "be stabbed". Pretty sure I was about to get stabbed just then.


    Some useful things I learned is you can teleport to Boston, free of charge, by standing next to your lean-to and clicking the adventure>travel>to Boston button. And while in Boston you can do the same and teleport to your Lean-to for free. Your lean-to has spots for two containers so you can store stuff without someone being able to take it. Just build a container on the ground (wicker basket is the easiest), adventure>lift it, and right click on the lean-to.

  • VegettoVegetto Member Posts: 841

    It's difficult, but i remember games like Star Wars galaxies having this exact level of learning curve.

    However...Blackberries, why the hell can't i pick them?!


  • ZooceZooce Member Posts: 586
    Originally posted by Vegetto

    It's difficult, but i remember games like Star Wars galaxies having this exact level of learning curve.

    However...Blackberries, why the hell can't i pick them?!

    Probably cause someone picked them before you and the area has seen recent traffic to keep the resources from replenishing.  After using the wilderness guide the bushes I encountered had three berries each, and I would find a stray berry on the ground every so often as well.  

  • VegettoVegetto Member Posts: 841

    Yeh that could be the case, but very few bushes i can collect from even out in wilderness. wierd.

    One annoying thing that will take getting used to is the entire world looks identical with no standout features at all, unless that comes later.

    Levelling my skills now and have just got hiking.


  • DovaDova Member Posts: 13

    you can only pick blackberries of the bush if there are any on the bush to began with. usually 1 to no more than 3 can be one one.


  • fleblikfleblik Member Posts: 41

    Been playing the game for a while now, loving it. It is a hard and challenging game, no doubt about it. Therefore, a majority of people will not like it. This game is for people that are tired of all the "handholding". For beginners, if you want more info, the wiki contains answers to most things. There is also a help section on the forum, where you will get help within a few mins. If neither are to your liking, you can also join the IRC channel (address on forum). 

    There is a lot of help available if you would like it, but the game itself is not meant to provide it. As for someone talking about the devs, yes, they have a very clear picture of how the game should be. Personally I see this as a good thing, I am aware of their view and know that its a game I want to play.  do not have to worry that raging forum trolls will be listened to by the devs and then have the whole game ruined by listening to the "masses".

    My life is a game!

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