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Your favourite FPS/TPS game

wungunwungun Member Posts: 67

This is yet another one. So let's get started.

1. Halo Series

2. Gears of War Series

3. Call of Duty (specifically CoD 4, WAW and MW3 when it's playable)

4. Left 4 Dead series

5. F.E.A.R series (the first one was scary as fuck, second one sucked though, but haven't played the third one yet)

6. Aliance of Valiant Arms (my favourite online PC FPS game atm)

This will be the last type of thread from me so yeah, please post your favourites as well. image


  • BrokenSpoonBrokenSpoon Member Posts: 205

    CS 1.6.. 


    and now



    Tried BF series, CoD and MoH  - Nothing and I mean NOTHING compares to Counter Strike!

    All hail the Barn Owl! oh.. and the RED SQUIRREL!!!

  • My favourite all-time FPS is the original Doom.

    I also played the living bejeezus out of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. That was a truly enjoyable multiplayer experience.

    Tribes is another gem of old. Probably the first proper team-based FPS I've played.

    Star Wars: Jedi Knight (the first one) I played a ton of deathmatch in and had huge fun. The single player was incredible for its time, and the level design quite spectacular.

    Loved the Left 4 Dead games too. Very fun cooperative play experience. I wish more shooters would have cooperative play modes for the campaign. If Gears of War can do it, what excuse do other games have?

    Currently I'm having a blast with Tribes: Ascend. I just love the incredible speed with which everything happens in that game. It's very faithful to the original.

  • WolfenprideWolfenpride Member Posts: 3,988

    Planetside 1 will have to go down as my favorite. Large battles, great vehicle and weapon/armor variety. Hoping Planetside 2 is good..will have to wait and see.

    Americas Army is the main shooter I go back to every now and then. It has a few things I dislike about it, but overall I like the realism and teamwork in the game.

    Doom 3 was good. It's appeal for me had more to do with the great atmospheric design though.

    The Stalker series was also great, for the same reason as Doom.


  • NephaeriusNephaerius Member UncommonPosts: 1,671

    I love the shooter genre so I will just go with my latest favorite game.

    Super Monday Night Combat - awesome TPS that seamlessly blends DotA/MOBA + Shooter genres.  Almost feels like a whole new game/genre to me.  F2P to boot so no reason not to check it out.  They update weekly and have multiple modes like a PvE mode against bots, a more shooter-centric mode with OHK, and then the Super Crossfire Dota style mode.

    I'm also enjoying DayZ and looking forward to PS2 beta.

    Steam: Neph

  • voxnorvoxnor osMember Posts: 121

    For me it has to be the Halo series. Probably much less because of the series as it was timing for me - it was "the game" while I was finishing up in college - so I was exposed to it a lot.

    I do also love a good story - and halo always brought that.

  • Kaijin2k3Kaijin2k3 Member Posts: 558

    As for FPS:


    Quake series as probably my top.

    Unreal along with UT99/2004 take up my second place slots (totally a full on tie, yo)

    Ghost Recon (heavily disliked Advanced Warfighter and beyond)

    Operation Flashpoint

    Then Half-Life and mods.

    Bulletstorm also caught me by surprise in terms of how much I enjoyed it.


    As for TPS... probably only Gears of War. Though I don't like the Gnasher battles of now; back in the first's MP, I thought the Lancer firefights were pretty awesome.

    And I guess Mass Effect 3's multiplayer can count, though I heavily dislike its single player (and shockingly, has little to do with the ending ;) )

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