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Can someone please tell me how to do a quest?

I like MU, and I think it is way better than runescape, but at least in runescape i can do some quests while in MU I just don't get it. I am level 18 Dark Wizard and I play at Maya 3 server usually. If you can help please do so.



  • DrashanDrashan Member Posts: 153

    There is one quest at the mo, where you have to get a scroll from the tower or the dungeon. Go to Devias and speak to a lady to the North of the village, by the Northern exit. I'm pretty sure that's the only one.

  • I did, except every time I hit the "1) I didn't know such a thing existed" button, the game just disconnects. I tried it like 5 times.


  • DrashanDrashan Member Posts: 153
    Ahhhh yes, so it does- yet another reason not to bother with MU
  • What level are you and which server do you play? Can you help me, I am just level 17 dark-wizard who just started. I play on Maya-3 server.

  • DrashanDrashan Member Posts: 153

    I'm a level 23 (I think) DK, I won't be able to help you I'm afraid as I'm crap. I'd be supprised if my account hasn't been hacked by now anyway. Sorry.

  • rayz0rrayz0r Member Posts: 5

    You have to be lvl 150 or something around that to use that scroll (book of the kings...) and you need some other quest items, for an elf elventear, for a DK the lost sword and for a DW a soul of a profet(?) , and a lot of money and than u transform

    Dark Knight -> Blade Knight

    Elf -> Muse Elf

    Dark Wizard -> Soul Master

    And i'm all of them image

    (I play on a PSimage)

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