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What do you spend your credits on in this game?

er99er99 Member CommonPosts: 101
iv'e been playing a few months now and have several level 5 characters and about 75k platinum. i have no idea what to spend it on. i'm really not interested in a guild airship. besides healing pots theres really nothing to buy that i can see. armor and weapons are easily lootable and adequate for normal dungeon runs. is there something usefull i'm missing on the market? seems the only drawback to his mmo that i can see. be fun to spend it on something usefull or cool.


  • TyrranosaurTyrranosaur Member UncommonPosts: 284

    Five minutes in the auction house usually cleans me out if I'm not careful (and I sell a lot on AH to make up for what I spend). Regular loot is okay, but there's a lot of rare stuff that is hard to's always worth looking in the AH in case some useful gear pops up that will have a good synergy with your character.

    I haven't even begun to mess with crafting (never been fond of crafting in general) but that might lead to a cash sink.

    I spend a lot of platinum on henchmen, too, since I usually have limited time and like to get right into the action, can't wait for full groups with the schedule I have. 

    Anyway, I never seem to have enough cash, unfortunately. Noting that your characters are level 5, I'll state only that as you get higher in level the costs of gear go up, dramatically sometimes. Some classes (like wizards) have higher maintenance costs, too....although trivial if you can keep up earnings. Also, higher level gear that is damaged requires a lot more cash to fix.

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  • KreetureKreeture Member UncommonPosts: 59

    if you find you have nothing to spend money on save it. You have far to go lvl wise.

    A few things that i spend alot on at low lvls are - HEAL POTS!,Resist/protect pots,Heroism pots and number one-HASTE pots!

    all these potions will make you much more survivable and there are lots more benificial potions and clickies.

  • er99er99 Member CommonPosts: 101
    thanks sounds like i'll try some of these pots and just save it till higher levels.
  • GoorlotGoorlot Newbie CommonPosts: 34
    Platinum's value in this game is very diminished compared to what it should be. The only thing you'll be using it for is the auction house and potions. It's very easy to get.
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