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new update add Wayfarer's Reverie quests

illyanaillyana Member UncommonPosts: 614

From the wiki
The spirit of adventure is always moving us forward, but it can be difficult to reflect on the journey while you’re in motion. Recent scholarship has unearthed a festival, once observed by our forebearers, that addresses just this notion. The Wayfarer’s Reverie honors the traveler inside each of us, encouraging revelry and revisitation. The world is yours to explore—again or for the first time. Join the celebration!

  • For those looking to walk the Wayfarer’s path, festival coordinators have been added to Lion’s Arch, Kamadan, Kaineng Center, and the Eye of the North to offer festival quests for their respective regions. NPCs will be dropping by the major towns—as well as a few locations off in the wilds—to share their insights during the festival. Special drops and bonuses will be in effect throughout the Wayfarer’s Reverie, which will run through August 30th.null

Players in Embark Beach say it's an account-based quest and grants a randomized Tormented weapon

Have fun storming the castle! - Miracle Max


  • ConnmacartConnmacart Member UncommonPosts: 721
    Bump for those that have all campaigns and would like an easy HoM point. Unless they already have a tormented weapon.
  • ShojuShoju Member UncommonPosts: 776
    All of the faction gain bonuses (double EotN, Kurzick/Luxon etc.) are also in effect during the festival.
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