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this game has some interesting features

msturlesemsturlese Member Posts: 3

I play Thang since 2005 version, and the new one.


There are some interesting features in the game worth to mention:

1) a sliding stat named KI (actually best build) that can shift from attack to defense adding versatility to avatars.

2) hardcore refinement system that can "boom" the item making adding refinement levels a challenge (items go +12 and can break from +4 on).

3) its a small game so all players are online and MUST cooperate to upgrade, there is no real competition between players due PVP is marginal, and PVE is very easy to learn.


The process to gather components to build legendary weapons and to refine goes alongside with the levelling up.


Around level 140 (cap is 202) the avatars reach a real good level of power making them ready for almost all game mobs.

Of course as a item shop game who pour money into game can progress faster, but the balance between dedication and money spent is very good.

The game can be played for free to reach top levels and having fun doing it.


Cons: small storage space and non stackable refines make hard to save items dropped for future use.

Cons: many players in the game revamp are old timers so there are many high levels and a very small numbers of newcomers (that can find support from community if show interest to remain in game as a sidenote)


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