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Minions EU recruiting Gandara server

DaemonweaverDaemonweaver Member UncommonPosts: 121

Minions are an old guild that was started way back in GWs1. At our height we were the leaders of full 10 guild alliance and totalled between all guilds just over 900 members.

Since the announcement of GWs2 we have moved around alot going 1st to AoC and then on to Aion 18 months later. We have always kept in touch with GWs1 and still have the guild there.

We are a group of experienced MMO players who for the most part have been playing MMOs for 9yrs or more. Some of us are not as HC as we used to be due to wrk and family but we are all friendly, helpful and always up for a laugh.

We have webpage, FB and use ventrillo 3.0

So if you are looking for a guild to experience all the content GWs2 has to offer in a fun relaxed atmosphere with the odd cookie thrown in, then come join us on the GANDARA server.

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