Anyone els Playing Planitside 1 because they just can't handle the waiting for Planitside 2 Beta ?

Dark_HUmarDark_HUmar AmsterdamMember Posts: 200

Hi I was wondering are there more people that subscribed to Planitside 1 because they can't wait for the PS2 beta ? I myself just did for 2 reasons, just because I never played the first one, and second because veterans are geting in on the 20st ??? I did read something about veterans that did subscribe in the past too Planitside 2 are geting in next, I do know that active subscribers did get in a week ago so do I get in right away or do I get in on the 20st ? Or do those offers not count anymore ? Beside that I have 1 question, how does Direct Debid works ? I payed with Direct Debit but they never asked for which bank I have, only for my number, so how do they know from what bank to get it lol ?


P.S. Sorry for the wall of text I kinda have problems to spell xD

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