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Newbie’s Journal: Final Battle

KyuubeyKyuubey Member Posts: 69

This is a diary of a newbie WYD player. In this new feature, he shares his adventures, joys and pains in the world of Khersuph.

With WYD being such an open landscape, I sometimes wonder if it really has an end. I always thought of it as a large expanse where you can travel to anywhere without restrictions of a thing called “story.” MMOs usually have an end to their narratives with the endgame usually more reserved for PVP or interaction with other players. Is there really an end to the simple background of WYD? According to some players, there is and so I looked up the beast they call Kephra to find out.

So Kephra is basically this huge monster at a dungeon I have never seen yet and he looks like a monster that came out of every kid’s worst nightmare. If the creator of WYD deemed this to be the final challenge, then I can truly say that he succeeded in it. Not only is Kephra wickedly ugly, but he’s also wickedly powerful. I’ve heard some people needed 3 hours just to finish him off and that was in a 7 man party to boot.


But is this the final battle? In my opinion, this might be the strongest boss, but the fun in WYD Global never stops. There’s always new challenges to take and uncover. Beat Kephra? Beat him another time or try engaging in a PVP battle with some of the toughest players ever to step foot in WYD. Monsters are creepy but there’s nothing more powerful than another player who has the same level of skill as you.

So is there an end to WYD? Of course not. It only ends when you put down your keyboard.

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