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Hell’s Diaries: Blades of Hell

KyuubeyKyuubey Member Posts: 69

Hell’s Diaries is a new feature blog on the world of Hellgate and the everyday random encounters our team faces in and out of the game. Outstanding player achievements and other things that may be of interest to most will be posted here on a regular basis (or at least when the Hellgate team isn’t feeling the blues)

Wonder what a PVP match between two Templars would be like? I’m curious as well so I tried to find some footage of the melee masters going head to head. One a Blademaster with his offense-centered skills while the other a Guardian, famous for his impenetrable defense. Who wins?



The video above shows the speed of the Blademaster as he tries to penetrate the defense of the Guardian but ultimately sacrifices his defense. The Guardian just stays put and bides his time to launch a planned offensive. While there’s really no one way to win in Hellgate, it seems that the strategy employed by the Guardian wins him this round. Would it be fair to call the Guardian a stronger class? Of course not. Remember, in PVP, it’s not whose stats are superior but whose strategy and skill is better.

The lesson here? Practice. A lot.

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