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Smed Blog: Player Built Outfit Bases, WARNING: These are NOT Promises!!!!

BeanpuieBeanpuie Member UncommonPosts: 812


"Here are just a few cornerstone ideas we are considering. I want to be crystal clear and say that these are NOT promises these are ideas.. some of which may be canned. That thinking can change. It can even change fast. I just want you to understand we are looking to support this game for a very long time and add a lot of features to it.

1) Player Owned bases - we plan on releasing continents that are empty or partially empty where players can build their own bases. These are open world bases so others will be able to attack them. We're also planning on having these continents heavily resource based with new resource types that will be very rare..and lots of cool new stuff that can be built out of these new resources."


(bolded in red for emphasis)

regardless, If they pull this off , and if correctly,  can really add alot of  substance for PS2,  at the same time question alot of other games that claim themselves to be MMO's while still instance/zoning their games to obvilion. 

I hope Smed can make it happen, the door is still wide open in the industry for some one to challenge the norm. 

Good luck SOE.

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