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ULBlue13ULBlue13 Member UncommonPosts: 28
The first thing to do when you join Underlight, even before creating a character, is read the five cribsheets in the "Guides" tab on the Underlight homepage.  After that you've got most of the information you need, but here are a few other tips that aren't obvious (as compiled by someone who is easily confused by MMORPGs).

Character Creation
Name: Most characters have vaguely Latinate or typical fantasy names, but you don't have to - I've seen everything from "Ash" to "Mintee" to "Widgilwozzel".
Appearance: You can change all the colours at any time later while you're playing, by pressing the "A" key.
Focus: This is UL's slight version of "classes".  There's a brief explanation in the Guides section, but more information, including how it affects what skills you can learn, is in two articles (by players) in the "Library" section - and .
Description: Again, you can change this at any time.  In the game, you can see another character's description by double-right-clicking on their name in the "Who" tab (took me a while to find that out).

The in-game tutorial is wonderfully short, compared to other MMORPGs I've played.  Took me all of ten minutes.  If it reappears the next time you play the game, or if it develops a bug again and you need to just skip it, then start the launcher, click on "Options" and deselect "Start with training".  

The tutorial doesn't mention all the keystrokes.  To find out the others, click the big "?" button in-game and click "Options", then "Cfg. Keyboard".  Note that this has a slight bug at present, and shows all the keys pressed down EXCEPT the one it really means - all right so long as you know.

You can't get back to the first area (the courtyard with the water and the eight doors) once you've left it each time, so don't bother trying - it's just an intro.  

A guide to all the basic ingredients of the game, such as the main types of items, is in the "Library" section of the website:

Finally, if there's anything else you can't make out, just ask another player.  In Underlight, they'll answer you.
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