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Bugged item ?

Oke I dunno where to post a bug related problem to C9 so I'll do it here ... there is a 7 day unique weapon (longsword lvl 42) that u get with Adventurer coins called >Viper Executioner< that I think it's bugged. The damn thing has a 5% change to apply a self debuff on hit that reduces stats (Str/Int/Wis...etc) . I'm not sure how this thing is supposed to work but if it activates when I'm full hp I stay with half of my hp for 10 seconds and 0 mana and after the debuff wares off I remain with 50% hp and 0% mana ... so I'm pretty sure it's a bug...a damn big one ,specially in pvps. Hope it gets fixed before my 7 days of owning the weapon expire :) ... thx in advance.
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