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Behind the scenes at Arkadia Studios

EU_RAZEREU_RAZER Member Posts: 85

In this article I'm trying to do something that has not been done before in EU and that is to take a look at the actual office of Arkadia Studios, to see where they spend most of their time and where the game is created. The idea for this article came when I asked David about their office while I was doing my last article about Planet Arkadia and he told me they were moving to a new one around 7/8 July. He offered to send me some pictures when they had moved in. So a few days after that date I gave David a little reminder and the next day there were a few pictures in my mailbox. I got the change to ask him some question about the new office as well, which he very quickly answered and those gave me some info to base this article on.

Arkadia Studios is based in Singapore and because Arkadia is targeting the Asian market that seems to be a good spot to be in. From what I understand Singapore is an attractive country to be in as a tech company and the salaries are probably a bit lower than in Australia, where David originally comes from which keeps the overall cost for building a planet a bit lower.

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