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  • RobsolfRobsolf Member RarePosts: 4,604
    edited August 2017
    MikeB said:

    Were you interested in this game before it came out? Why? Why not?:  TSW had horrible combat, but a great world and story.  This game promised(?) to fix the combat.  It's better, but not great.  But it's good enough, for now.
    Do you currently play this game?Yes.

    If yes, please explain why:  I liked the setting of the Secret World, and despised the combat.  Here, at least, combat is shorter.  I like it better than TSW, but most complaints I've heard about it are pretty legit, in my view.
    What MMOs are you currently playing and why do you play these particular titles?:

    SWTOR:  Story and good combat.
    ESO:  Robust; does a really good job at alot of things.
    STO:  Offers alot for free; the endgame gives you access to nearly every bit of content in the game... *interestingly the opposite of what it was when it launched*.  Many systems ingame to advance your character without committing an evening, or even an hour.
    Lotro:  My longest played and subscribed game.  I miss loving this game.  But I do still like it.
    Marvel Heroes:  Easy in, easy out.  And hey... another non-Nick Cage Ghost Rider...
    What compels you to post in this particular subforum as frequently (or infrequently) as you do?

    It's new, and I wanted to help answer questions and see if anybody had any answers to mine. 

    In that vein:  If your eyebrows are up by your hairline, turn off tesselation
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