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RazorbackRazorback Member Posts: 5,253

Fascinating really considering (in my worthless opnion) I would not class AO as a "success"

I guess Im biased because of all the MMO's I have played AO was the biggest let down for me. I had hung out on the forums for like 2 years waiting on the game. I sat through the weeks of Beta like a trooper and did my job. I even kept up my title of "most unreasonably biased fanboy" for weeks after release when poeple had every right to be really angry about how bad a job they did in the early stages of getting the game to the public.

But the thing that killed AO for me was not the game, not the taunting of the intelligent players who dumped it like a hot spud after 2 weeks (and rightly so). It was the day of patch 12.5 (day of infamy) when the devs told the community to get the hell out of their game and let them run it themselves after we complained about introducing major server crashing patchwork on a friday afternoon. I dont mind being abused and cheated out of money but I wont pay for the privelge.

Now the source code is released and people play the game for free. Somehow, someone, somewhere has managed to associate this debacle with the word success. Well it must be some new take on the word that im not familiar with.

I doubt having people playing the game for free was part of the plan.... ergo... no success

But the point of this post is (yes there is a point), there is something to be learned in the article. Lets see now with the benefit of hindsight that we have in games like AO and how they fared, how well Mourning can do at righting the wrongs of the recent past. Wrongs based on an extremely similar set of mistakes in community management as those seen in AO's development.

I agree with pretty much everything in that article, Im surprised with so much sense coming out of Funcom that they basically failed to implement any of the stuff they obviously understand about MMO's. My Avatar still displays the scars I carry from them ignoring almost all of it image

"MMOs, for people that like think chatting is like a skill or something, rotflol"
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