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Need 2d/3d artists

PoufPouf Member Posts: 341

hi I am looking for 2D/3D artist for a video game I ( my team ) is trying to develop.


We aim for a 3rd Perso MOBA type game, but with additionnal content . I could give you details of what we plan to do. 

We are at early stage of development, still trying to build a team together and manage big headers.


I already have some programmers that works fullTime in video game and I personnally work in the HR web development. ( Finances, Health and safety ).  We are around 25-26 year old and we need artists for 3d and 2d .. If you are in any way interested feel free to contact me to : [email protected]


P.S : English is not my main language ( everything will be developped in English ) so sorry for the mistakes i may do.

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