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The trinity broken (video)



  • ZorgoZorgo Member UncommonPosts: 2,254
    Originally posted by Magnnarot
    Originally posted by Zorgo
    Originally posted by Magnnarot

    Sorry to break it to you but it IS dead, in a sense of specialization, having one dedicated healer/tank is the best way to wipe,

    Careful there -

    Since one of the main arguments FOR the trinity is:

    Assigned roles require more coordination, everyone has to be on, or you wipe. The trinity provides interdependent challenge.

    Your statement says:

    You won't wipe as much.

    To a lot of mmo players this is the crux of the problem. You take away the interdependence, you remove part of the challenge.

    I really recommend you stay away from, "removal of the  trinity makes dungeons easier" defense. Some of us prefer it to have a 'wipe' looming above our head so that success feels like you actually accomplished something.

    So take this opportunity to correct me.

    In what way does the GW2 system create MORE challenge in grouping than the trinity?


    In my experience, the trinity doesnt add complexion to the system, it takes the complexity away from the game in that only the tank gets aggro (most of the time) the sole job of the dps is deal damage (some times CC/interrupt, but dps being the main factor) and the healers have to heal (having no alteration as far as I can remember). This is the main reason the trinity gets boring after a while, it is a stale game type, with only little gimmicks changing gameplay. The main components on fights being the tanks and the healers, without whom the party wipes.

    GW2 forces you into a race against time from beginning to end, but not because of some artificial enrage timer, because your party WILL eventually die if the opponents are not dead, their damage output is THAT BIG.

    In GW2 the death of a single member of the party sets you way back in the dps race against the mobs/boss, leading to eventual wipe (note that the death I am refrerring to is actual death, not downed state since the former can be remedied rather easily). Every member you lose or is downed means you just lost two men in the fight, one to ress on laying down and if ever the mobs decide to target the guy helping the man down all hell can break lose.

    I isn't about dps meters, but staying alive, every man for himself in a sense that other players can't keep you alive like in trinity games, the game is way more unforgiving about errors.

    What I think the dungeons have been badly designed, for is allowing the warping back to some point of the dung and running back to the fight, since most fights dont lock rooms out, I would rather have different tries than a single one with over 20 deaths for every player (I remember defeating the spider mini-boss like this once, pulling her near the respawn point and ressing till we she was eventually dead). Then again, this might be a beta thing.

    I'm sorry you never played EQ or Vangaurd. The trinity is anything but boring and simple in those games.

    I am not knocking GW2. I am saying stop criticizing the system and start criticizing the company's that implemented it poorly.

    Once again......

    What game made you love mmo's? I bet it used the trinity.

  • AutemOxAutemOx Member Posts: 1,704
    Originally posted by BadSpock
    Originally posted by Nanfoodle

    I love this game dont get me wrong but the trinity is far from dead in GW2. Its jusy dressed differently. Everyone take turn tanking, healing and DPSing. All 3 roles are there!!!! Dont be fooled. Its just dressed up in a new package and way more fun then LFG.

    Last time I'll explain this lol

    If everyone is doing all 3 roles at different times throughout the course of a single fight - which they do in GW2 - then there are no "dedicated" roles - which means with no dedicated roles - there is no trinity as trinity = dedicated party roles of tank, heal, dps.


    He must have just been referring to the fact that the game has a healthbar and attacks/spells/abilities that can raise or lower the healthbar of yourself, your enemies, and your allies.

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