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Its clean i havent played in a while...

digitydarkmandigitydarkman Member Posts: 2,194




  • digitydarkmandigitydarkman Member Posts: 2,194

    i wish i wouldnt have dropped my house and gave all my stuff away a few months ago about all i have left is my chars on pacific with their skills and thats about all lol

  • garrison13garrison13 Member Posts: 97

    It's an invasion of Britain by the spawn from Despise. They are lead by generals (dark green in colour, much tougher) who can carry weapons titled Power, Mythical and Vanquishing (I think). If enough of the spawn is killed it's pushed back to the north limit of the town, then the graveyard, then back to Despise eventually. They don't usually stray as far as WBB but can be led there, so bank sitters have moved on.

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