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Looks like today might be the day...

WoWisLEETWoWisLEET Member Posts: 68


TODAY we will send invites to some guys that preoders. As soon as we finsih the current patch.


P.S. We will have the fame system in when we start the game...

Sounds like a system that was gonna be left out, got put back in, and that some people who kept their pre-orders get a chance to try this out today.  Maybe we might actually get that pesky NDA dropped and here some reviews.


  • notalentnotalent Member Posts: 123

    damn i hope i get an invite today ::::15::

  • RazorbackRazorback Member Posts: 5,253

    Would be nice to see it happen !

    Lets hope its genuine this time image

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  • SpornSporn Member Posts: 259
    For some reason i'm guessing it will be tommorow.....
  • SpornSporn Member Posts: 259
    I'm guessing it will be tommorow................................................
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