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Mega Video Compilation From 2011 to July 2012

BeanpuieBeanpuie Member UncommonPosts: 812

alot of videos have been posted, This thread is a compliation of many videos that have been posted from january to july.




PS2 Announcement:

Smed,Matt Tray Gametrailers 2011 interview:

PS2 GamesCon 2011 video:

IG Coverage :


Early 2012


The9 Overview:


IGN TimeLapse video of turret weapon:

GDC 45 minute video:

Territory Control Explaination:

Total Biscuit/Matt Higby Dual Commentary:

Reddit Raw/Unscripted Interview part 1:

Reddit Raw/Unscripted Interview part 2:

AGN Planetside Universe/Matt Higby Interview:

Massive Air Combat:


Summer 2012


Total Biscuit Night Ops:

Total Biscuit Liberator:

GamerLive TV/ Adam Clegg Interview:

Total Biscuit Max Debut:

TB E3 Day 1 (1 hour) :

TB E3 Day 2 (1 hour 30 min):

TB E3 Day 3 (1 hour 54 min):

Brian Bosh Theater Presentation:

Empires at War Gameplay Trailer:

Ground Assault Hvar Gameplay Trailer:


July 2012


Haircut Event :

Total Biscuit Raw and Uncut:

FPS General/ Matt Higby Footage:

FPS General/ Tray + Matt Higby Interview:

Matt Higby Twitch Tv Stream 1:

Matt Higby Twitch Tv  Stream 2:

Ripper X 1:

Ripper X 2:

Ripper X 3:

Techtest/Beta Walkthrough:

Death is no Excuse Blur Trailer :

China Joy PS2 video ( 4mins ):!

Planetside 2 Spoof Commercial (How to Change Games Forever) :


More videos to come soon.



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