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Facebook style MMO social networking site needs Beta testers



Basically about a year ago I got a slightly-less-then-nice comment from a friend on facebook in regards to myself posting about Skyrim... which gave me the idea for Gamesona.

Gamesona is essentially geared around gamers to be the immersive social networking experience where you can create as many different personas as you play. Aka, you can have your skyrim, Guildwars and WoW personas on there as well as having a real life profile as well.

It can do things like free guild hosting and other free cool things but most importantly is means NO ONE ever has to put up with the negativite anti-gamer abuise again. 

Fast forward a year, I've come up with the site but now I just need real time players like yourself to come online and basically play around untill you break it!!! 

I really want to come up with something good, and I'm hoping you can help. So please, don't just back click. But go to gamesona.com/beta and have a look around, even if its just to tell me "THIS IS STUPID IDEA"

Either way, thanks for clicking!




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