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Need 3d models

PoufPouf Member Posts: 341

Hi, like my title says i need 3d model for a game i am trying to make ( still in thinking stage ).


General information : First my main language is not english ( yes the game will be developped in english ). We are a crew of programmers from quebec that all works in bigger company, I personally am working in web applications and service programming rather than video game, ( used to work somewhere else before ) but we have 4 programmers in the video game buisness. We all suck at modeling and are not even interested in doing the models ourselves ( it's impossible anyways ). We are looking for people who made either Bipeds models or environment models and that would be willing to share them with us. 


Licensing information, if we ever release this game and earn profit out of it, we would buy the model from you and it would be discussed before we set the program to sales, that is if it reach that state, but if you  want to help and maybe one day see the development of the game, feel free to post here or contact me by inbox and i could give you more personal informations if you want.



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