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Atys I will always come back to you.

Z3R01Z3R01 Member UncommonPosts: 2,414


After all this time i continue to return to Atys every 2-3  months.

There's something about the world, it's hard to explain but i'm just not ready to say goodbye to Atys for good.

I've played Other "sandbox" games and its not the same. 

Sure the games got 99 problems but the world aint one.





Waiting on:



  • LarsaLarsa Member Posts: 990

    Atys is a piece of art.

    I maintain this List of Sandbox MMORPGs. Please post or send PM for corrections and suggestions.

  • DarthRaidenDarthRaiden Member UncommonPosts: 4,333
    Atys feels like it dont need you to survive it is lively on its own.    The best "worldy " feel of any sandbox MMO ...

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