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Hell’s Diaries: Skills That Kill

KyuubeyKyuubey Member Posts: 69


Hell’s Diaries is a new feature blog on the world of Hellgate and the everyday random encounters our team faces in and out of the game. Outstanding player achievements and other things that may be of interest to most will be posted here on a regular basis (or at least when the Hellgate team isn’t feeling the blues)

A lot of people are skilled players in their own right. One cannot go through Hellgate without possessing some skill. Even newbies who start out with no knowledge of the game eventually pick it up quickly. This is the very reason why I admire those who can finish boss battles on their own without the advantage of high leveled characters. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not wrong to finish something on your own with a buffed up character but the level of concentration needed to beat something like a Sydonai, with a lower leveled character is of course much more thrilling and needs a lot more skill to finish.


As seen above, the player is challenging the huge demon Moloch on his own at level 29. We’ve seen level 50 and above characters take him down like it was nothing, but see how hard it is when you’re 30 levels lower.


It might have taken the player more than 20 minutes (and2 YouTube video posts at that) but it’s quite a great sight to see him defeat Moloch. There’s a sense of epic achievement that comes with it that you don’t get from a one shot kill (that one’s impressive too though). So have you tried doing this already?

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