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NA server performance from Europe?

KrelianKrelian Member UncommonPosts: 384

Hi there!

I was thinking of playing Aion again, but to be honest - I dont wanna play on the European servers since 1. They are not up to date like the North American servers are (we dont even have 3.0 by now I guess), and to be honest; I dont particularly like companies such as gameforge, frogster etc.

So, my question is primarily directed towards European players who are playing the game on the North American servers.

Is the game running''ok'' ?

Do you feel like there is much more lag playing on NA server compared to your experiences on the EU servers.... (if u tried em both at one time or another)?

Would you say that when enjoying the PVP part of the game, American players are at an advantage BECAUSE they are getting LESS lag than u do during pvp matches?

As usual, thx in advance for any/all answers:)


  • tet666tet666 Member UncommonPosts: 295

    Im playing from Germany  the game runs and performs great, ping is around 150-200 so unless you play a sin maybe you wont see mutch difference there is no lag or delay as far as i can tell and the ping isnt that mutch different for americans either most i talked too have a ping around 70-100. There are many europeans,russians,japanese australian etc players from allover the world so most of the time you play on even ground in pvp anyway.

    Its a great time to start on NA Servers with the new fast track Server you can level faster and find  grps for instances easyer since its cross server,you dont have to fear rifting twinks anymore while leveling on fast track or if you like you can rift and pvp now on normal servers like its supossed to be.

    You get rewards from the Atlas and from Surveys there are new pink quests for weapons from instances , drop rates hace been greatly increased(bosses drop sometimes 2 gold items or a box with a item  for you class now) and there are so many new quests and instances etc, you get coins approbiate for your level (bronze,silver ,gold,platin,mithril) for almost every quest now (coin gear is the easyest to get now was the hardest most grindy bevore and they even boosted the stats on coin gear)and the prices for AP gear where also lowered there is mutch more but its just too mutch to list it all here just check the forums,patch notes.

    The game is very easy now for newcomers to get into and very rewarding, there is no more any grind involved and the NA version is truely free without any restrictions the shop is almost the same as it is in GW2 so no p2w item crap only boosters ,convenience and cometic items and most of them can be bought with ingame currency from players.

    The game feels like a whole different game compared to eu Aion thats for sure.


  • KrelianKrelian Member UncommonPosts: 384


    Awesome reply is awesome.

    Thank you for the most informative post, and let me say im glad to hear that playing the game from Europe doesn't cause any serious problems/setbacks.

    Well, im guessing that soon I will be giving the old gal another go :)

    Im not really into this whole so called ''f2p'' thing, BUT I do believe that A FEW f2p games, such as Aion - are actually worth the effort (just my personal opinion).

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