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Human starting area the best?

tordurbartordurbar Member UncommonPosts: 421

After playing every race over the course of the three BWEs I feel that the human starting area gives significantly more benefits that any of the other races.
First, on the fact level, there are 3 mining sites packed together almost within viewing distance of the main city and there are 3 logging sites just as near on the other side.
Second, the main city (Divinity's Reach) is more central to the starting area than any of the other races. It is much easier (and cheaper) to get to the main city than for the other races (especially the Asura!!!).
On the non-fact level, meaning drops, the drop rate for the key crafting component (vial of weak blood) was much greater than for any other race. In the last BWE I played for about 8 hours last weekend on three races (8 hours on Asura, 8 hours on Sylvari and 8 hours on human). I got 6 vials in the human areas, 2 on the Asura and only 1 on the Sylvari! I got more non-common components (bones, goo, etc.) in the human area than in any other race starting area.
When it came to money I was never poor as a human yet could not afford my Trait manual at level 10 for either my Asura and Sylvari. I had the same professions for all three races (hunting and leather working).
I know that randomness is a factor but, after 3 BWE I am seeing the same pattern - the human starting area is better.




  • MargraveMargrave Member RarePosts: 1,220

    I loved the Asura and Charr areas as well as the human. The Norn wasn't bad either. The Sylvari one was my least liked.

    I also felt like there was WAY too many people in the human areas! Looks like that might very well be the most played race!


  • DeniZgDeniZg Member UncommonPosts: 697

    I've never considered crunching numbers the way you did here. Even if you did your calculations correctly, it's not game breaking, since you can easily level up in any starting area you prefer anyway.

    IMHO, human starting area looks the most "fantasy generic" and is therefore the least appealing. Except for DR which looks absolutely amazing.

  • daniel!!!daniel!!! Member Posts: 400

    for me the human area was by far more fun, but saying that i really enjoyed the Asura this weekend. For me the one area that needs changing is the norn, its so boring, the starting hearts are the worst


  • MargraveMargrave Member RarePosts: 1,220

     "fantasy generic"  ... that's the perfect way to describe it!

  • DjildjameshDjildjamesh Member UncommonPosts: 406

    hmmm i do not agree  ( personal opinion incomming ).

    - Humans:

    BWE2: Level'd to level 14 in the human area. Lot's of crafting materials like you mentioned but arround level 8 to arround 12 i found myself unable to find a good leveling spot and it was either grinding low level DE's or risking my life in the higher DE's. I checked out all the area's but i eventually gave up and went to an area for higher level's. I do think the human area looks great (esp the long vieuwing distance ^^) Overall i actually had the least fun here  =/ (the jumping puzzle also meh compared to the sylvari ones :p)

    BWE1: Level'd a norn to level 17. The forest area looked a little dull to me, but it looked much better in the snow area. In terms of DE's and leveling progression i thought this was actually the best area. There was lot's to do for every level! :) And the cave's man. If you enjoy dungeon (cave) crawling this is  your starting area to be :P.

    Also did abit of char area but not enough to really comment on that. It was good from what i did :)

    BWE3: Level'd to level 14 in the sylvari area. Lot's of stuff to do here! there wasn't a gab here either and it all felt really connected. I loved the underwater combat  (lvl 12 till 14+-). Best thing i did here was prob the 2!! jumping puzzles i did here. wich were bloody awesome :).

    When the game releases im planning on playing the asura area ^^

  • BijouBijou Member UncommonPosts: 145

    Norn is my favorite starting area (and town), plenty of water, snow, mountains, tribal buildings and more. I love these things.
    I was excited about the Sylvari but their places and character design are too fancy for my taste.

    And for the drops, it depends on luck.

  • DeniZgDeniZg Member UncommonPosts: 697

    Norn area has a nice "Skyrim vibe" to it, which is great , especially the latter snowy parts.

    I didn't like Charr area at first, but it kind of grew on me. It has "Durotar/Barrens" vibe, which brings me back to my vanilla WoW days (in a good way).

    Asura starting area has an interesting tropic/sci-fi feel to it.

    Sylvari starting area was probably the least appealing to me. The very beginning required killing lots of insects, which instantly made me log out. reminded me of Wow Silithus grind.

  • LobotomistLobotomist Member EpicPosts: 5,860

    I liked Asura and Charr the best. Because they have totally original twist to them.

    Others are just same ol fantasy flavors

  • The_KorriganThe_Korrigan Member UncommonPosts: 2,630

    I actually found the Norn area much better to get crafting mats than the human area.

    This said... my personal classification would be:

    1) Norn. Love the "Viking" like lore. Character stories are also better than the human ones in my opinion.

    2) Human.

    3) Asura.

    4) Charr.

    5) Sylvari.

    But this his highly subjective. Several of my guildies just fell in "love" with the Sylvari areas :)

    If you wonder why I don't answer your posts, it's most likely because you are on my block list - so don't waste your time.


  • GamerUntouchGamerUntouch Member Posts: 488

    I found it the worst by a large margin.

  • IstavaanIstavaan Member Posts: 1,350

    I liked the sylvari area the best, it felt like you were on an alien planet.

  • The_KorriganThe_Korrigan Member UncommonPosts: 2,630
    Originally posted by Istavaan

    I liked the sylvari area the best, it felt like you were on an alien planet.

    Heh, good point actually.

    If I had to describe the racial areas, I'd say:


    Human: your typical standard heroic fantasy setting.

    Norn: Viking/nordic/celtic lore with the animal totems.

    Charr: Steampunk ambiance.

    Sylvari: Alien planet, really. You're not in Kansas anymore, you're on Pandora... err sorry, you're in Caldeon Forest :)

    Asura: This one is the hardest to define with just a couple of words... "Retrotronics" maybe? Or even "cyberpunk", the big geometric structures could remind you the Los Angeles of 2019 as pictured in Blade Runner, specially the Tyrell Building. I'd say "medieval cyberpunk" :)

    If you wonder why I don't answer your posts, it's most likely because you are on my block list - so don't waste your time.


  • Zeus.CMZeus.CM Member Posts: 1,788

    It all comes to personal flavor. I like and dislike something about each race. I think they are fairly balanced. Every race gives completely different and unique experience, unlike many other mmos.

  • solarinesolarine Member Posts: 1,203

    Human is usually very convenient in MMOs - don't know whether it's because developers get to start on them earlier and thus work on them longer or some other reason....

    Though... do the drops really matter that early in game? You're going to breeze through those zones anyway. 

    For the environments I'd go with Norn, and for straight out fun I'd go with Asura, their childlike boastfulness and their "your momma's IQ is so low..." jokes. :) 


  • terrantterrant Member Posts: 1,683

    The OP is looking at zones from a practical crafting/xp gain perspective. So leaving lore and story out of this...


    I feel like that might have been bad luck/personal experience. My gf and I played together almost exclusively in the Asura areas in BWE3, and couldn't walk ten feet without tripping over a gathering node. I got myself to 77 Armorsmithing without any difficulty in a couple days. That makes level 25+ gear, as a reference point. heck, didn't even go out of my way to farm. just tapped nodes as I encountered them levelling.


    Dropped crafting components were hit and miss. She got TONS of vials of weak blood; I was rolling in Tiny Claws. She had few claws; I had almost no blood drop. It's random. 

  • evilastroevilastro Member Posts: 4,270

    Probably intentional due to the fact that humans and their starting area are kind of boring.

    I would rather spend more time in the other areas getting the drops I need than doing the human area.

  • hundejahrehundejahre Member Posts: 339

    I think the human starting area is the most, well... human. I think it feels the most comfortable to most people, and while the other zones are lovely, the human zones are where I spent the bulk of my time. That said, I found plenty of crafting resources in the Norn area and better drops BY FAR in the Charr area- at level 21 hanging out with my wife's level 11 in the Charr area I was getting green drops every few mobs and more than once I got two or three in a row.

    The Sylvari area was a massive lag fest on my server for most people, so by Saturday we didn't bother with it. The Sylvari city itself was kind of annoying to navigate compared to the others, so it will be the last place I spend any time.

  • IstavaanIstavaan Member Posts: 1,350

    and the beauty of guild wars 2 is you wont out level these areas because when you go back you get leveled down to suit that zone..makes for loads of replay value.

  • DeaconXDeaconX Member UncommonPosts: 3,062

    A friend of mine really loves the Asura starting area.  I prefer human for sure.


    Why do I write, create, fantasize, dream and daydream about other worlds? Because I hate what humanity does with this one.

    BOYCOTTING EA / ORIGIN going forward.

  • RockhideRockhide Member Posts: 155

    I repeatedly find myself coming back to my Charr characters in the Charr starting area.


    I think the Asura has some well-designed NPCs and quest objectives, but the region itself feels a bit all over the place to me.


    The Norn area feels really generic to me and the human area made me feel too much like I was in a themepark.  Not an MMO themepark.   A literal themepark.  Something about the way it's laid out and the speed at which events pop makes me feel like not only am I surrounded by all these other things going on at every moment, but that the moment I hop off one ride, I'm moving right on to the next.  No doubt some players like that, but I felt like it was constantly reminding me that I'm supposed to be completing objectives for a game.

  • FdzzaiglFdzzaigl Member UncommonPosts: 2,433

    I liked the Sylvari area more because it seemed to have a lot more boss fights and such in events, instead of the old "Centaurs / bandits are attacking!", in the Human area.

    But you're right about the advantages, I noticed the lack of weak blood vials in the Sylvari area as well, it was almost as bad as in the first Beta Weekend, I think I only got one over the course of 10 levels.

    Whereas in the Human area, I was rocking loads of em by level 10. The Charr area seemed to have quite a few of those dropping as well though and they have some really interesting events.

    Feel free to use my referral link for SW:TOR if you want to test out the game. You'll get some special unlocks!

  • JackdogJackdog Member UncommonPosts: 6,321

    heh just goes to show that not every shoe fits every foot , I loved the Sylvari area and did not care for the human area

    I miss DAoC

  • stromp45stromp45 Member UncommonPosts: 159

    After playing all starter area i got to agree human was the best area.

  • ShadanwolfShadanwolf Member UncommonPosts: 2,380

    I pick races based on looks and starting area feel. Sylvari was the one I liked the best.Human..to me ...was boring and very generic in feel. i play for fun......not statistics.

  • DaezAsterDaezAster Member UncommonPosts: 788

    I think all the starter areas do a great job of comlimenting the races and there characters. I liked the asura the best though, a lot of techno babble and cool little puzzles. It was very intricate and had a less open feel than other zones. The sylvarri was cool on a look level but maybe to intricate, still great but yeah, my favorite was asura....

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