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Mourning scam, a well compiled case



  • RazorbackRazorback Member Posts: 5,253

    Fascinating read.... nothing really new... just more evidence of how poorly it was all handled. This stuff should be jokeware by now yet the mourning boards failure to crush it effectively sees it still doing the rounds.

    Nice post

    "MMOs, for people that like think chatting is like a skill or something, rotflol"
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  • momeeeeemomeeeee Member Posts: 32

    I honestly have never thought about that, thank you for bringing it to my attention, VERY interesting read. :)

  • superhero13superhero13 Member Posts: 170

    This game is not a scam - however much "proof" you think you have. I palyed an early alpha build before having to do other projects. Furthermore, I personally vetted NewRoSoft when considering them for a project. I spoke by phone with 4 separate american clients (for which they did contractual programming work) each with their own businesses and websites. The group isnt a scam. Get over this tired old schtick.

  • chaintmchaintm Member UncommonPosts: 953
    When all said and done this whole post means nothing. Why? because anytime you give your credit card information you are taking a chance. I was a manager at a local best buy and we had an employee scaming the credit card numbers , so yes. You can be scammed by non-validated or validated companies. The fact is, some people can only make a living by stealing from others because they have no talents beyond doing so.

    "The monster created isn't by the company that makes the game, it's by the fans that make it something it never was"

  • cretinbobcretinbob Member Posts: 21
    This is a good post. I'm always leery of any game that rushes to go gold, and especially so of game that want you to preorder when they don't even have a working product. I wonder how many kids get caught up in these types of things.
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