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ae update 'gonzo'

Hey, can some1 inform me about the date this update will come?
Or is that not know information?
It's just that i prolly won't be able to play for about 2 weeks and i wonna play the day it happens :d
thx for helping me out!!


  • corvyrcorvyr Member Posts: 2
    Only thing I can tell you about the former gonzo update, now named demon spire, is that the closed beta testing will be starting soon (One Eye hopes) so maybe a month from now it might be released.
  • FalconwingFalconwing Member Posts: 4
    Yeah, the developers are having some problems with the new paperdolling, so testing has been pushed back to sometime in April now.
  • Gonzo= Demon Spire now. Beta testing is now

  • hairtoherehairtohere Member Posts: 2

    what a nice surprise to see you here FalconWing.  I'm really looking forward to the new updates in Ashen Empires, think I'm getting the hang of hunting now so bring on the new creatures!  tpfn


    Rebels in Force - Loyal and Just

  • FalconwingFalconwing Member Posts: 4
    Thanks!  I just wanted to drop in and say that I'll be trying to get some DS screenies to put up on the AE screenshot page here.
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