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July 2012 Event: Distorted Minds

KyuubeyKyuubey Member Posts: 69

Hi everyone. It’s a new month and because of this, we’re having new events to bring you even more challenges to conquer and prizes to win. Here’s our first event for the month, “Distorted Minds.” For more information on the mechanics, please refer to the event banner below.

1,000,000 Palladium and a Super Experience Package just for submitting a caption? I believe that’s the first time we gave out those rewards for this kind of contest, which is great since it really gives everyone an equal opportunity to win. Players who are not as hardcore as other players can join and still have a chance of winning. Of course, making an entertaining caption offers a different kind of challenge as well but it’s certainly easier than soloing a boss, right?

Anyways, don’t forget to keep checking the Facebook page for our first screenshot. The event will start tomorrow so don’t take off that cursor off the refresh button.

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