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I like this game, new to F2P Aion



  • VenthexVenthex Member UncommonPosts: 11

    I have always enjoyed Aion, I jump in from time to time I even bought the game a few months before they announce it was going to be free to play I didn't mind I enjoyed the subscription I bought and I do not regret it. The game truly does the free to play model well, hopefully a lot more games that are planning to go free to play or just free to play titles in general follow NCSoft direction. :)



  • LegereLegere Member UncommonPosts: 123
    Originally posted by cronius77

    Aion does have the best free to play model of all the f2p titles out there but please do not make aion sound like its such a great title when its a triple A title that failed badly with subscription. Aion is a asian grinder from day one and its taken them all these years to finally get it through their thick heads that the west do not like grinding and forced pvp. Yes it had forced pvp at release and for a long time after even on pve servers. Anyone that has played aion before 3.0 can tell you how grind heavy the game was back at release and why people left in droves. You guys forget Aion was called a wow killer before it released just like warhammer and rift and many other titles that fell short.

    Also you guys shouldnt blame wow propaganda , it makes you sound like your wearing a tin foil hat. WoW players isnt what caused aions problems it was aion itself that did with crappy patches for years and tons of grind.

    I think you should speak for yourself..

    Me and my friends loved the forced PVP.. grind sure but with combat and characters that looked THAT good, who cares... it beats sitting on your mount in Ogrimarr spamming chat at max level

  • KarteliKarteli Member CommonPosts: 2,646

    Also, after trying multiple other free to play games, this game stands out.


    Whether someone likes the actual content is subjective .. but the free to play game model should be an example to other companies of how to properly do a F2P to get people to actually play, have fun, and spend money.


    GW2 has a good model, B2P + expansions.  If Arena Net doesn't waver, then their cash shop will also consist of only fluff and non-competitive items.


    I made this post largely because (along with seeing other above posts), I see a huge company, EA, going the opposite direction, and it is quite saddening.  Even F2P, SWTOR is not a game I would recommend friends to play .. largely because it is still P2P (fremium), under the investor illusion that it is F2P.  To do anything MMO related or end game related (like raids) you need to subscribe -- boo :(


    Aion does a ton better than SWTOR :) My SWTOR guild moved here after my raves, go figure.





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