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RAGNAROK - scandinavian guild in SWTOR and MMO community


Ragnarok Promotion Video titel 2 <-(Link Youtube)

Who is Ragnarok?
Ragnarok is a scandinavian gaming community, which started as a guild in Anarchy Online march 03 2003.
In time we grew and started playing new games. Thus Ragnarok is currently represented in Anarchy Online - Atlantean, World of Warcraft - Aszune (Alliance), Age of Conan - Fury, Terra, The Secret World and GuildWars II. We have also previously been represented in many other games and will be in the future.
Ragnarok SWTOR was established in early access 2011. First on PvP Bloodworthy, then transfered to PvP Tomb of Freedon Nadd.

Our common ground is the passion for games, our community and forum. We salute maturity, good manners and fellowship above all things. Ragnarok is a community we are all proud to represent.

Who can join Ragnarok?
We are a Scandinavian organization, therefore all members must be able to speak either Norwegian, Swedish or Danish. Ragnarok is always looking for people who are enthusiastic about their character class/profession, and who are willing to dedicate their time and effort to support the guild and its members.
To participate in the different operations the members have to meet up to some recuirements for gear and knowledge of the advanced class that they what to sign up for that operation. Being online with VoiP is a recuirement for PvE and a great help when doing teamed PvP, it's also much more personal and something we focus on in Ragnarok. We try to get to know the player rather then the character.

Operations PvE
Ragnarok have operations on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. At present we do 8 man operations.
In a typical week we have on our raidplanner:
3 operations going to Eternity Vault and Karaggas Palace in Nightmare mode and/or Hard mode Denova Island
3 operations going to Eternity Vault and karaggas Palace in Hard mode and/or Story mode Denova Island
We also have some non-raidplanned Story mode Eternity Vault and Karaggas Palace for our newer members.

Operations PvP
At present we are doing the new ranked warzones and also doing normal un-ranked warzones 24/7, and hoping that there is more advanced PvP on Biowares roadmap for SWTOR. Guild vs Guild would be nice.

Learn more on Ragnaroks forum (Link)


Ragnarok's thread on

Played WoW for 3 years on Runetotem (chars: Ariman and Redsonja)
Played AoC for 2 years on Crom (char: Kallisto) and Fury (char: Siratsia)
Playing SWTOR on Tomb of Freedon Nadd

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