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Internet problem!

ThelowThelow Member Posts: 149


I've had this problem for many months and its very annoying. When I start my computer (and modem) internet wont work until i restart both modem and computer (sometimes only once, but usually more)

There is yellow triangle over network logo and windows troubleshoot cant reapair it.


  • SaintGrayeSaintGraye Member UncommonPosts: 109

    The best possible advice you'll receive, mate, is this: contact your ISP.

    I could help you troubleshoot the issue as, no doubt, many other members might, however, there are too many factors you've neglected to mention (ISP, modem/route type, connection type/speed, etc) and, more to the point, this is not the most appropriate forum for technical aid. I'd sooner suggest you visit Tom's Hardware or other specialist pages if you genuinely prefer waiting on a forum for a resolution, yet, again, the best possible choice is to simply contact your ISP.

    Be sure to consult your warranty information (on the modem) beforehand, have your account information ready and they should be able to help you immensely, particularly if you received/purchased the modem from them (as occurs with starter packages from companies such as Comcast, Qwest and myriad other North American ISPs).

    Failing that, feel free to return and I'll do what I can, hopefully with input from a few other members.

    Best of luck...

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