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Curse are giving away GWs2 Beta keys

DaemonweaverDaemonweaver Member UncommonPosts: 121

Beta keys for the final BWE of GWs2 can be got here.

That is the link for EU, NA guys go to curse and you should find a link for your keys.

There are 5,000 keys for EU and same for NA for premium members and 20,000 for members.

Goodluck gettin a key if you dont already have 1 and enjoy the last BW.



  • AvatarBladeAvatarBlade Member UncommonPosts: 757

    Thanks for the info.

  • viturinoviturino Member Posts: 7

    Great, do not live in Canada or USA, thus can't try to get a key.

  • SebberSebber Member Posts: 221

    Already got a thread on this topic. Link

  • DaemonweaverDaemonweaver Member UncommonPosts: 121

    Yep saw yours. Think you put it up after mine cos i searched the general before putting this topic in and there was nothing posted, but np as long as people have the info who cares.

    Mods feel free to delete my topic line

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