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Playground Bullies, PvP oriented 18+ guild (Emerald Dream)

EpicentEpicent Member UncommonPosts: 648

I am the site admin for Playground Bullies. We are a group of old and new friends that enjoy every aspect of WoW. We are currently looking for like minded people who are 18+ years of age and don't take things to seriously. We have a relaxed, comical atmosphere that may be offensive to some. (Carebears need not apply) We host training sessions for pvp and are currently looking to expand into the pve demographic. This is the perfect guild for mmo vets as many of us have played across several games over the years. World pvp is what we hope to accomplish eventually. Just apply on the site or simply whisper Epicent or Craziebeach in game for an invite. Server is Emerald dream. Rp is not allowed in guild vent and not practiced in guild officially, but feel free to organize guildies into some kind of side event if you like. Vent is strongly recommended and leadership positions need filling. Hope to see you in game!!!!!!!!!

You can also sign up on the guild website to joing the url is

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