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Pros and Cons (new player perspective)

MimzelMimzel Member UncommonPosts: 375

Bought it and logged in yesterday. Have spent a few hours in it. Here is what I think:



  • Very atmospheric
  • Story is rich
  • Ability wheel makes it less on rails
  • Needed to team up a couple of times, and got a partner in no time.
  • A break away from most mmo on todays market (thank god!)
  • Funcom charged me too much for the game, but refunded me within 24 hours without me even asking.
  • Combat (not only animations) is dull and not modern
  • Healing during the first few "levels" seems very insignificant
  • I really hate the inventory icons (its worse than combat animations)
  • Lots of kill 5 zombies quests. Thanks, go kill 15 zombies. Great, now kill 5 of 3 different kinds of zombies.
  • I keep spending ability points, but nothing so far has made me feel any stronger. You just got another button to do a variation of what the other 3 buttons do...
  • The UI feels old.
  • The process of buying the game and registering your account is archaic and non obvious.
The game feels like it has lots of potential, and some parts of it are really shiny. However, the combat is clunky (not all that important really), and the inventory system is a true mess (even though it has a nice search function). The icons are 2d and uninspired, and not worthy of the game. There are some bugs (I couldnt really adjust the audio), and the UI on a whole feels old. Im gonna keep exploring TSW for a while longer. It has a way to go before it truly captures me.


  • ZinzanZinzan Member UncommonPosts: 1,351

    Pretty fair review, some may say play it for longer before giving your opinions but tbh nothing really changes over time in TSW. Your first few hours play will be pretty much the same experience as the next few hundred.

    There are some things you might not have experienced yet, PvP is a badly done tack-on addition for example, but not many.

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  • Poison_AdelePoison_Adele Member CommonPosts: 287

    This was how I felt during the beta. Lots of things I liked, lots of things I didn't like. I'm still interested in the game, and your review seems pretty honest and without the usual fanboyism/raging hatred. Kudos from me, keep us posted!


  • FlawSGIFlawSGI Member UncommonPosts: 1,379

    I agree with you on all points. The two glaring things that are keeping me playing is the setting, and the story thus far. Doesn't feel like the game was built for a long haul.

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