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what a disappointment

after playing diablo 3 for about a week and enjoying all aspects tried to log in last night and found my email log in had been changed

after going through hours of trying to contact them i found a link saying raise a ticket .... heres the good bit you need to log in


well that is the end of that i thought i will ring. now been holding for 55 mins and my game and account along with credit card info is prolly being spent

blizzard (battlenet what a con ....give us your money for the game then sod you we wont help you 


please listen when i say DO NOT BUY THIS GAME  you will be ripped off


  • KrasnijKrasnij Member Posts: 40
    wheres your authenticator? and its a rip off because the games not worth the 50 bucks, but loosing your login to some hacker is probably cause your login got keylogged ... someone hacking into blizzard server and gettin your account details is very unlikely
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