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Dark Lord sux or what?

Okami_aeOkami_ae Member Posts: 61
Gmmm... i played for Dark Lord and reached 269 lvl but i think he sux. What do you think?


  • DrashanDrashan Member Posts: 153

    Man, to get that good on MU global, not a private server, that's just plain sad!

  • TheWarcTheWarc Member Posts: 1,199
    He looks nice though!
  • MushroomGuyMushroomGuy Member Posts: 29
    WHOA, are you serious? DL in global? Wow, I must have been asleep for 100 years. I think he sucks, so what he can wear dk. and dw armor (only up to leg/dragon) and his spells are kind of crappy. His Horse is cool looking , and the ablilty ownz :P, but I don't like the "Dark Spirit" (bird-like thing). I guess a cool thing is him growing lvls
  • Okami_aeOkami_ae Member Posts: 61
    The best thing about him.... that on 109 lvl with fire burst ( skill ) i was killing 250+ lvl menimage
  • DrashanDrashan Member Posts: 153

    Weelll, that's nice ::::39::

  • What's a Dark Lord? A Dark Wizard or Knight?
  • MushroomGuyMushroomGuy Member Posts: 29
    Dark Lord is a new Character that I had NO IDEA global could EVER have.
  • Do you mean magic gladiator, or is it different?
  • MushroomGuyMushroomGuy Member Posts: 29

    No, it's not an MG, DL is different. What he can do is his own spell (IMO they are gay except for the firburst one XD) DL is a different character that you can get after you're a SM at lvl 300(?) I'm not sur eI played DL on a PS (private server) The only thing I thought cool about himn was his CAPE lol, he gets a cape instead of wings, it's soo friggin' sweet

  • TheWarcTheWarc Member Posts: 1,199
    after 270 ;)
  • MushroomGuyMushroomGuy Member Posts: 29
    ah ;) okay
  • So there is really five classes to choose from in MU.
  • DrashanDrashan Member Posts: 153

    Yeah, I suppose. But think about the 2 extra classes as sub-classes and then think of all the sub-classses on other games, 5 classes pale in comparisson to the tens of varied classes in other Beta games e.g. Maple Story and Kal online.

  • Okami_aeOkami_ae Member Posts: 61
    The wind of WebZen told me that there will be one more character...
  • R!pp3R_28R!pp3R_28 Member Posts: 2

    Dark Lord is the best !!!

    U can understand that when you have your first lvl reset

    he gets 3200 points and the others get fewer points

    i Don't know if u agree or not but if he isn't the best then

    noone is best. I have a DL 289 lvl and monsters in stadium

    miss me but one friend who has a mg he gets killed and he has 1 reset

  • Okami_aeOkami_ae Member Posts: 61
    Black Dragon + 11 +16%- Makes Blade Knight the best !
  • FeyaxFeyax Member Posts: 2
    Verry Cool Class Reached Level 350 And I Killed ALL People in A private serv lol


  • HannotjeHannotje Member Posts: 14

    It would be good it darklord wouldnt beat up an lvl 300 dark knight when the dark lord is near by level 100, with other words, I dont like it at all.

    And about magic gladiator, in newer versions the MG is gona suck, if you set your mg up as wizard its just a matter of time and an lvl 50 guy will beat you up even if you are lvl 300+.
    his skills wouldnt raise if you put points into energy, and this energy atacks keeps weak.

    Mg ok .97d, g w 98+ etc etc would be ok, but dont try it on official servers, it would be a waste of time!

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