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Still going??

theshaidetheshaide Member Posts: 2

I can't believe this game is still running. This was the first time I tasted MMORPGs, and was hooked! I seriously used to eat, sleep and Drink the Realm online. Off hand, I can't even remember why I left, since I have nothing but fond memories.  I had this little elf, named MerlinsWand (Stupid name I know, sue me) and used to spend more time just standing around in various towns talking to people and chatting either on channel 0(Newbie Channel) or Channel 5(Trading).

A part of me wants to rejoin and check it out again, however I am not sure I could look past the dated graphics, and if the sense of community still exists.


  • PaRoXiTiCPaRoXiTiC Member UncommonPosts: 589
    Thats funny becaue I remember your name. This was a great game. I miss the heck out of it. I wish they would make it free to play and then advertise it and get people playing it again. So much fun. Still remember the feeling I got when my first The Wrath  dropped from the Cyclops. Oh my goodness!!
  • jvecchjvecch Member Posts: 1
    lol what was the max enchant 5? with a huge risk of blowing up.  great game, played from release till 99
  • officeapeofficeape Member UncommonPosts: 8

    Yeah, it's hard to believe this thing still exists! I played mainly from the '95 Alpha through '99, and then off and on until 2001. I played a character named Sentinel, which ironically seems to be some manner of customer support designation now. The Realm had the best community I've ever been a part of before or since. 

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