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PvX: Ascendance [ASC] NA / EU / Oceanic

Gambit728Gambit728 Member Posts: 12

Ascendance Banner

Ascendance Mission Statement:
To work toward high levels of achievement and excellence in gameplay while simultaneously fostering a strong, diverse, and cooperative community of dedicated and talented players.


Ascendance [ASC] is a Guild Wars 2 guild that was founded on May 8, 2011, making it one of the first guilds to have a website, community, and roster solely dedicated to Guild Wars 2. Unlike many zerg-style “gaming communities” that move rapidly from one MMORPG to the next, Ascendance has invested all of its time, energy, interest, and resources into preparing for Guild Wars 2 – over one year ahead of the game’s expected release.


Since the guild’s launch, we have assembled a core group of members who are highly active on our website and who are eagerly looking forward to putting their well-developed gaming skills to the test in Guild Wars 2. With a competitive focus on PvPvE (PvX) content, Ascendance aims to be the best in all aspects of gameplay.


At present, recruitment is open to anyone who thinks they may fit well in Ascendance and that Ascendance may be a good fit for them. To apply, simply register an account on our website (see below) and submit a member application that will be reviewed by our staff. Applications will become increasingly scrutinized once the game launches, and all members are subject to ongoing performance evaluations.


Although Guild Wars 2 will allow players to be a part of multiple guilds, it is against ASC regulations to be a member of another guild while retaining member status in ASC. Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.


If you are looking for a serious, competitive guild that will push its players to their limits in a collective effort for greatness, consider applying to be a part of Ascendance.


Visit our website at for more information or to apply.


You can also view our promotional video here:


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