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FoxkounFoxkoun St. Charles, MOMember Posts: 96

Is there a sandbox game similar to minecraft, 3d graphics would be cool, except with the element from terraria where you can build structures, attract npcs to your "Town" and basically develop up to a thriving city from a 1st/3rd person playstyle. One game that has the playstyle i'm thinking of would be battlezone 3(?) where you could jump in a tank, or take command in a bunker and so forth.

maybe i'm just thinking too ambitiously..


  • CitalkayCitalkay GlasgowMember Posts: 141

    Give "Stranded two" a look over.

  • Vorpal.RendVorpal.Rend Trinity BeachMember UncommonPosts: 80

    Wurm online. You can build towns, join with people, very little in the way of NPC and there are no quests, but its 3D and you have to grind skills but you can sail around, build a home, build giant mines inside mountains...A barrel of fun if you have the patiants

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